Stefano Scarpis
Founding Partner, Chairman

In Pri­vate Equity since 1996. In Alto Part­ners, Ste­fano Scar­pis focu­ses on deal ori­gi­na­tion, nego­tia­tion and stra­te­gic development of inve­stee com­pa­nies. He has par­ti­cu­lar exper­tise in the food & beve­rage, leather & luxury goods and manufacturing sec­tors. Prior to joi­ning Alto Part­ners, S. Scar­pis esta­bli­shed in 1997, with the role of Gene­ral Mana­ger, Pru­den­tia, a 10-​year retail-​targeted Pri­vate Equity fund whose mana­ge­ment company capi­tal was equally held by Medio­banca, Banca Com­mer­ciale Ita­liana, Cre­dito Ita­liano and Banca di Roma, with a capi­tal endo­w­ment in excess of € 250 million Euro.

S. Scar­pis pre­viou­sly wor­ked for ten years in the cor­po­rate finance department of Medio­banca in Milan, where he was in charge of the finan­cial restruc­tu­ring of a num­ber of large Ita­lian indu­strial groups. S. Scar­pis was mem­ber of AIFI’s Board of Directors from 2003 to 2009. S. Scarpis holds a degree in Busi­ness Admi­ni­stra­tion from Siena Uni­ver­sity and an MBA from Boc­coni Uni­ver­sity in Milan.