Value Creation 

and Value Sharing.

Investment policy

Alto Partners focuses upon attractive, growing business sectors where our team has acquired a particular expertise.  These investments can serve as ideal platforms for developing premier niche leaders into valuable assets for strategic trade buyers or acquisitive sector consolidators over a three-to-five-year period.


Main sectors of interest

Design, luxury

and clothing

Precision mechanics and electromechanics


Services and specialised distribution

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Geographic focus

Italy, particularly Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany

Deal types

Buyout/majority to support generational transition. Expansion/minority to support development programs



Start-up, turnaround and restructuring; real estate and financial services; non-ethical sectors


Alto Partners is a majority or controlling minority shareholder, focusing upon business development through intensive portfolio company monitoring. It actively drives growth initiatives and industrial acceleration in its portfolio companies by leveraging its solid industrial background, broad network of contacts, and sector expertise.

In selecting an investment, Alto Partners pays particular attention to these company features:
  • Diversified client base
  • Demonstrated cycle resilience
  • Control of distribution channels
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Geographical market diversification
  • Export-oriented businesses with strong international exposure
  • Differentiated manufacturing process
  • Innovation capacity
  • Revenue growth
  • Solid profitability
  • Low indebtedness
  • Strong cash generation
  • Capacity to execute build-up strategy
Due diligence

Each investment is completed after an extensive due diligence process aimed at thoroughly understanding strategic, tax, accounting, legal, insurance and ESG aspects


Each investment is subject to continuous, proactive monitoring. Alto Partners actively cooperates with each portfolio company and its management to support the growth plan

Company support

Company support is provided by Alto Partners’ leveraging on its exclusive network of industry experts, primarily via such assistance as:


Top-line growth


Evaluation, selection and negotiation of strategic acquisitions


Selection and recruitment of qualified human resources


Implementation of corporate governance best practices


Managing interaction with banks


Brand development and positioning


Introduction to new potential customers or suppliers


Promoting relationships between portfolio companies and sector entrepreneurs

Our achievements

A long-term partnership with companies and entrepreneurs resulting in*:



Growth of aggregate portfolio companies revenues (556 million to 726 million Euro)



Aggregate portfolio companies EBITDA growth (82 to 112 million Euro)



Net increase in aggregate employees (2,005 to 3,067 FTEs) 

*Figures include all the investments and exits part of the Team’s track record