We act as

responsible investors.


Since inception we believe that compliance with ESG principles paves the way to a sustainable, balanced an ethical investment activity which is ultimately beneficial to our society and civilization.
We promote long-term value creation.

In our view, such value creation is not only reflected in our portfolio companies’ financials but also in the skills, the loyalty and the motivation of the workforce, in a balanced relationship with all stakeholders, in the transparency of the decision-making process, in the quality of the working environment and, more generally, in the respect of third parties whomever these may be.

Such investment approach requires, today more than ever, a greater level of commitment and monitoring from the entire management team. We believe the effort is worthy and that our accountability and reputation as a GP greatly relies upon our sharing, adopting and maintaining such approach.

We do not invest in non-ethical sectors.
We have mandated a specialized advisor for the implementation of our ESG policy both at the SGR and portfolio company level.
We are a signatory of PRI.