Teachers protested outside the Nova Scotia Legislature earlier

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe provincial government is introducing legislation today that will dissolve the seven regional school boards, and remove principals, vice principals and other senior supervisors from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union but still allow them to remain affiliated cheap replica handbags with the union.Education Minister Zach Churchill is briefing reporters on the omnibus bill, called the Education Reform Act, this morning in Halifax and will introduce it this afternoon in Province replica handbags online House.The bill follows several tense weeks after the release of education consultant Avis Glaze’s report on education administration that saw teachers give their union an overwhelming mandate for illegal job action.School boards report positive results in 1st year of Replica Handbags new attendance policyBut while initial concerns from some teachers and their union were that the government would completely embrace and implement all 22 of Glaze’s recommendations, today’s bill shows compromise.The government will not go ahead with Glaze’s advice to create a college of educators to oversee teacher training, certification and discipline. Instead, it has agreed to work with the union to develop teaching and leadership standards.Vice principals, principals and administrators will also be allowed to maintain affiliation with the NSTU while joining a new group called the Public School Administrators Association.The union is expected to respond later today.Teachers protested outside the Nova Scotia Legislature earlier this week. (Craig Paisley/CBC)The government handbagsmerchant replica bags is also creating a new provincial advisory council of education, which will have 15 members representing all regions of the province.

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